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Phoenix dactylifera is the scientific name of palm dates. The chewy texture of the fruit with candy-like sweetness is recognized as a revitalizing staple food. The dates fruits are so popular and necessary in Iran that it is sometimes considered as the “bread of the dessert.” The origination of the dates goes back to the Middle East and food experts claim that there are about 3,000 varieties of this staple food of the dessert countries. Because of the numerous varieties of this fruit, dates fruit Exporters are always found to exert themselves for flourishing dates fruit business across the world.


The date palm is indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa desert countries. During the late 1800s, settlers from Southwestern America discovered parallel environments appropriate for date fruits farming. For thriving, date palms in late summer or autumn require a hot atmosphere, water access, and a parched climate.


Dates are most often picked when they are almost dry and are ripened in several phases. The initial stage is called khalalstage when dates remain juicy but somewhat sweet and get sweeter after they are left for several days. Then they step into the second stage called tamarstage when they becomes less firm and attain all the benefits of Dates. Most of the date lovers like dates when they get into a very sweet and soft phase called rutabstage.


One of the greatest compliments of dates is its sweetness. They are also a great dessert option. Dates are considered to be a reasonable source of nourishment like wheat, rice, and potatoes. They can be preserved easily because of their dryness and extended shelf life. Lately, Iran has been an important worldwide producer of dates. More than 400 date types are produced here.

Here are the most important types of Iranian date fruits:

  • Kimia Dates or Bam Mazafati Dates
  • Piarom Dates or Maryami dates
  • Zahidi Dates 
  • Rabbi Dates
  • Lulu Dates
  • Sayer Dates
  • Kabkab Dates
  • Barhi Dates

Iran Fresh Dates

  • Kimia Date – Mazafati date
  • Shahani Date
  • Rutab Barhi Date

Iran Dried Dates

  • Piarom Date
  • Kabkab Date
  • Rabbi Date
  •  Zahidi Date
  • Sayer Date
  • Lulu Date

While ranking the dates exporters, Iranian Dates fruit Exporters come in the third place across the world. According to the Iranian Customs information, the most significant countries that import dates are  Pakistan, Emirates, Turkey, Russia, and India.

The highest date exporting countries to the UAE afford 17% of entire amount and it is followed by exports to Pakistan with 11% and Russia with 9%. The Iranian dates are in high demand across the world. This species has gained an important place in those countries where dates fruits are loved by most of the people.

Though flavor depends on individual taste, Piarom dates are one of the well-liked dates of Iran. This semi-dried species is long, thin and yellowish with a brownish texture having a skinny peel.