A Unique Type of Date – The Ajwa Date in Malaysia

November 21, 2021 , Dates Fruits


If you are an Ajwa Dancer then you will definitely know the significance of Ajwa Flowers. This is a rare kind of flower that is produced in the wilds of Malaysia, it grows only in Karang, East Malaysia. The flower itself is very rare as it is very delicate and it could only be found in the damp tropical forests. It takes around 50 years for a single flower to bloom, this makes it rare and very beautiful indeed. Flowers from Karang have a strange aroma that some find very floral and others find rather unappealing.

An Ajwa flower has been known by many names throughout the world including the Amaryllis, Ptychopetal, Silver Needle and the Silver Tali. The flowers are usually coated with resin and other natural materials. They are available in different colors such as yellow, white, pink, red and blue. These flowers are only available in Karang, East Malaysia. Some people still believe that these flowers were brought over from India many centuries ago.

If you like the smell of flowers then you will love an Ajwa date. The fragrance of this date is also very unique and it attracts many people who have a keen sense of smell and taste. The flower’s unique smell can also be detected from various products that we use today.

An Ajwa date is usually eaten as a refreshing drink during the day or cooked and eaten at night as a snack. The sweet and spicy flavor of the date eaten with a salty dish is really very refreshing and delicious. The best way to eat an Ajwa date is to mix its juice with coconut milk. There are various kinds of juices that you can add to the date and they can vary from a simple apple juice to a very thick milkshake.

If you would like to cook an Ajwa date recipe then you will need about two litres of water, a half cup of sugar, ten grams of sandalwood and a teaspoon of cloves. Bring the water to a boil and add the sugar and sandalwood. Strain the mixture and put it into a basin and let it steep for approximately four minutes. Add the sugar and let cool down. Then, you can pour it into small molders which are equipped with small hole at the bottom and cover the date with water.

Now, boil the dates in the same amount of water that you used to create the syrup and let simmer for about twenty minutes. Once it is done, you can now serve it as a dessert by placing it in small cups. This is also a great fruit cake that is served during special occasions and holidays. There are many recipes online that you can check out. It is also possible to make an Ajwa recipe at home which will save you money since you will be using your own fresh ingredients.