Dates and walnuts for breakfast

October 28, 2022 , Dates Fruits


Simultaneous consumption of these walnuts and dates can have tremendous effects on heart health. The presence of copper in walnuts, as nutritious minerals, leads to heart health, increasing the function of the body’s immune system and nerves. Also, due to the presence of high potassium, date consumption significantly reduces the risk of heart and brain attacks. Therefore, many use dates and walnuts for breakfast to get the most out of them. Consuming a quality breakfast continuously can greatly reduce the effects of cardiovascular diseases; In addition, it helps to prevent overeating in other meals and maintain an ideal weight.

Are dates with walnuts fattening?

Due to the presence of vitamins and natural nutritious compounds, the use of Kedai Kurma and walnuts has always been widely used in the process of losing or gaining weight. It doesn’t matter if you want to increase or decrease your weight, taking advantage of the properties of dates and walnuts at the same time can help in this field.

For people who want to lose weight, providing enough energy for the body, without enduring hunger and lethargy, can be achieved with these two nutrients. Also, people who are eager to gain weight can replace their snacks with this food instead of using high-risk supplements or consuming high-calorie and unhealthy foods.


The presence of high calories and protein along with fiber, iron, etc. in this combination, its consumption is approved by many nutritionists and weight control experts. The use of walnuts can also lead to regulation and control of metabolism in the body. Getting rid of harmful fat and burning more calories for people who want to lose weight are other properties of dates and walnuts. Also, as mentioned earlier, its other effects are to relieve constipation and help the health of the digestive system, which is very important in both weight loss and weight gain processes.

Diabetics and properties of dates and walnuts:

By replacing the consumption of artificial sugars with this combination, you can help increase the health of the body. It is natural that maintaining a healthy diet is very important for diabetics and they should be careful about consuming foods with a low glycemic index. Also, with the experience of feeling hungry or weak in diabetic people, eating this nutritious combination can provide the level of energy they need.

It is necessary to explain that dates do not change the level of sugar in the blood, but can keep a person full for a longer time. Helping to eliminate the feeling of false hunger can also be mentioned among its other benefits.

The properties of walnuts and dates in the treatment of sexual impotence:

The combination of these edible substances with milk and honey is considered as a strengthening drug in increasing the ability or reducing the level of impotence. The prescription of this drug has been more popular through traditional medicine, which has led to extensive research in this field today. The use of these nutritious compounds will have a significant impact on men’s sexual health, while these substances are completely herbal and no side effects have been reported.