The properties of dates for children’s physical health

October 22, 2022 , Dates Fruits, kurma


The five important benefits of Kurma Piarom Shah Alam for children’s health are:

  1. Brain development: Potassium is very useful for brain development and is abundantly found in dates, so dates can be included in a child’s diet for cognitive development.


  1. Prevention of indigestion: Dates cure indigestion and correct bacteria or related problems in the intestine. The problem of indigestion is seen in many children, and for this reason, children face many physical problems, so with the help of dates, the child can be protected against indigestion.



  1. Maintaining the health of the liver: Babies are very sensitive, so they are more at risk of contracting viruses and bacteria that can have a negative effect on the liver. Liver disorders can lead to serious diseases such as jaundice, typhoid and hepatitis.
  2. Stomach ulcer treatment: If a child has a stomach ulcer, the properties of dates help to reduce this condition.
  3. Strength of teeth: Consuming dates is good for tooth growth and also helps to strengthen gums and teeth.