Dried Fruits and Nuts Guarantee Your Health

November 2, 2022 , Dried fruits

Daily consumption of dried fruits and nuts regularly improves the health quality of your body against many health problems.

Better heart function

Heart disease, which is another common disease among middle-aged and old people. People get this disease as they get older.

The properties of dried fruits are to improve heart function. Doctors recommend people who have heart disease to include dried fruits in their food list. Almonds, walnuts, Pengedar Kurma Selangor, pistachios and peanuts are dried fruits that improve heart function. it helps.


Help reduce blood cholesterol

Now many people have high blood cholesterol. This matter affects the way of life and health of the body like other things. One of the ways to reduce blood cholesterol is to consume dried fruits.


Help to lose weight

Experts believe that dried fruits contain protein and fiber, which are two nutrients, consuming dried fruits is considered the main key in losing weight. Dried fruits are based on the false belief that they have a lot of calories and do not cause weight loss. They consume much less weight.

Suitable for people with type 2 diabetes

It is interesting to know that some dried fruits are useful for people with type 2 diabetes. Because these foods have few carbohydrates and as a result, they are very weak in raising blood sugar.


Reduce inflammation

Dried fruits and nuts have anti-inflammatory properties. Through research, they have found that long-term inflammation causes the body to be vulnerable, and dried fruits can prevent it. Dried fruits such as pistachios, beryl nuts, walnuts and almonds. It is very important in reducing inflammation in the body of healthy people and people with dangerous diseases (diabetics, kidney diseases).


Reducing the risk of heart attack with dried fruit

Nuts are friendly and keep the heart healthy. These foods have been shown in studies to be beneficial for the heart. Because of the benefits of these foods, one of them is the reduction of blood cholesterol, the size of LDL particles, the function of blood vessels, and inflammation.


Stomach ulcer and constipation

Due to the fiber present in nuts, it helps in the functioning of the digestive system and maintaining their flexibility. Walnut is one of the nuts that significantly helps in the treatment of stomach ulcers due to the high fiber in it. An important point. which is present in stomach ulcers, when this disease shows itself, do not overdo it with walnuts, because the stomach secretes excess acids.

In the category of dried fruits, raisins are one of the foods that can relieve constipation or prevent it with regular daily consumption. Raisins are a good source of fiber that plays an effective role in dealing with constipation.