Walnuts and Dates: What Do You Think?

November 2, 2022 , Dates Fruits, walnuts

The properties of walnuts with dates and Alzheimer’s reduction
Eating dried fruits is effective for increasing memory and making it stronger. If you consume both dates and walnuts together, it can relieve stress and lack of sleep, and these two are excellent for strengthening memory and brain health.

The properties of walnuts with dates and strengthening the body’s defense system
According to research, people who use foods such as soft drinks, puffs, etc. in their snacks and eat less valuable foods such as nuts, etc., have a weaker body defense system. It is better in any case in between. Include walnuts and Pengedar Kurma in your meals and diets and increase your immune system.

The properties of walnuts with dates and blood formation
Foods such as almonds, figs, dates, and walnuts are blood-forming, and the combination of these foods is beneficial for health and removing anemia.

The properties of walnuts and dates in sleeping peacefully
People who have difficulty sleeping and are stressed can eat walnuts with dates before going to sleep, or combine hot milk with dates and walnuts and rest more peacefully.

The properties of walnuts with dates and the health of the digestive system
Walnuts and dates work great for the intestines and digestive system and relieve constipation. You can combine walnuts with dates and drink them every day.

Properties of walnuts with dates and muscle building
If you do not include good foods in your diet, the body will burn muscle instead of burning energy. Dates and walnuts are both energy-generating and muscle-building.